In 2010 Swatech was founded by Michiel Swagemakers

Coming from a Dutch textile family, Michiel went to a specialized College in Germany to study Textile Technique and Commercial economics. Starting in 1995, Michiel has worked for several carpet yarn companies as developer and sales director. In 2010 he started his own business, and Michiel now represents around 40 clients including most of the leading carpet and grass manufacturers in Western Europe. 

In 2018 Luc De Schepper joined Swatech to complement in the area of technical sales. Luc stays in very close contact with machine suppliers, so he is always informed about the latest developments and newest yarn types. 

In 2021 Joep de Laat founded a new division focused on Agricultural textiles.

These combined assets assure that Swatech is able to add real value in the process of translating new product ideas into successful commercial end products. 

Joep de Laat

Founding Sales director

Phone: +31 (0)6 41 40 81 16
Mail: joep@swatech.eu