We deliver PP, PA, PES, PE and wool yarns for the tufting and weaving industry. 
Our product range has now expanded to include all the basic raw materials for the carpet industry such as primary and secondary backing. 



We respond quickly, offer good service and relieve you from doing a lot of calling around to get your question answered. From development until delivery, we will do the follow-up accurately and according to agreement. You can quickly utilize new technologies and suppliers in the market, and you do not need to have all those connections yourselves, we will do that for you.


We have connections all over the world with suppliers in the market, and we specialize in yarns from Turkey. We are regularly on site visiting our suppliers to save you the trouble of traveling. We have deep knowledge and understanding of the newest technologies and we work with top quality types of machinery.


We understand the importance of confidentiality and are always discreet - that’s one of our core values in doing business. Your ranges are completely safe with us, and the products we develop with you are never offered to other parties.


We bring an entrepreneurial spirit and aim to facilitate the thought process in a constructive manner. We are happy to contribute new ideas for our customers. Together we can make your business grow. We use all our knowledge, expertise and experience to help you create a product of high quality, for the best price.


Our suppliers are located all over the globe, although we specialize in products from Turkey. 

We account for a large proportion of the volume at most of our selected production plants, and overall we represent a significant share of yarn production in Turkey. This means our customers can profit from our scale and influence from the moment they place their first order. 

Our suppliers send container shipments daily from Turkey to Europe and the UK. Therefore, we are very experienced in handling these shipments and all the required transport documents. Both road transport and sea shipment are possible.

We have such a long history in Turkey that we have established a strong bond with several Turkish companies in various parts of the country. 

We can be your bridge

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